ULTRA CREAM • anti-aging and nourishing face cream





With Mediterranean oils Olive. Borage. Primrose

This best anti-aging cream is an ideal intensive treatment for dry and delicate skin. Its super rich Mediterranean vegetable oil-based (olive, borage and primerose) formula is a source of energy and nutrition for the face, prevents rosiness and chapping for uniformly smooth and regenerated skin. The organic extracts of oats and hibiscus preserve the natural hydrolipid balance for an extra-comfort effect of protection and hydration; enriched with “vitamins for skin”, such as A and E, for an active anti-oxidant preventing aging of the skin and stimulating the natural production of collagen and glicosaminoglycans.

Ultra cream Anti-aging and nutrients face cream – USE:

For supple and nourished skin, apply morning and evening, after correct cleansing.


Evening primrose. Known as “Night’s beauty” or evening primrose, it is associated with spring and rebirth. It is the flower of youth due to its omega-6 rich oil which is a powerful antioxidant, giving it excellent regenerative, calming and restoring properties.

borage. Plinio recommended taking it because “it took away sadness and brought joy to life”. It is a simple, wild Mediterranean flower with incredible cosmetic benefits. It is an effective emollient, antioxidant and anti-aging agent for the skin.

olive. Cleopatra used this “liquid gold” with essential oils to maintain her beauty. Today it is universally recognised as a valuable addition in anti-aging treatment. It is an excellent supplement to the hydrolipid skin barrier, by activating the natural cell turn-over for regenerated and perfectly nourished skin.


  • organic evening primrose oil
  • organic sweet almond oil
  • organic olive oil
  • organic borage oil
  • organic hibiscus extract
  • organic oat extract
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin E

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