REGENERATING BODY CREAM • ultra rich velvety formula



BODY SCRUB CREAM Regenerating body cream Ultra rich velvety formula


Super rich and creamy textures which stimulate energy and nutrition for toned, regenerated and hydrated skin. Derivatives from Mediterranean almonds and walnuts constitute a real and true antiaging “cosmetic integrator” for the body. They provide vitamins, mineral salts and anti-oxidising compounds which acts as anti-aging agents to combat dryness, peeling and dehydration. The organic plant complex of rose buds, hibiscus and oat in synergy with hyaluronic acid and a natural polysaccharides, create a barrier which contributes to hydration and protection against the absence of physiological hydrolipids and irritation caused by chemical and environmental agents.

Regenerating body cream Ultra rich velvety formula – USE: Apply daily, morning and evening after a bath or shower for a regenerated and pleasantly perfumed body.

Mediterranean Fruits

Almond With its flowers and plant which call out the arrival of spring, and its Latin name Amygdalus, meaning “great mother”, it is a natural ally of health and beauty as well as a treasure trove of benefits for the skin: vitamins, proteins and trace elements. Its oil is a true elixir of youth even for the most delicate skin: it nourishes, regenerates and favours elasticity and softness. Walnut This majestic tree which was regarded by the Romans as being as Jupiter’s sacred tree, produces an unmistakable and unique tasting fruit. It is a rich source of vitamin E and minerals such as magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium, phosphorus and potassium which combat the oxidation effects of stress and skin aging.

BODY SCRUB CREAM Regenerating body cream Ultra rich velvety formula. USE:

Apply through prolonged massaging on dry or damp body, concentrating on the scaliest areas, then proceed to rinse.


  • organic sweet almond oil
  • organic walnut oil
  • jaluronic acid
  • vegetable polysaccaride barrier effect
  • organic rose bud active water
  • organic oatmeal extract
  • organic hibiscus extract


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