WHITE CLAY GOMMAGE MASK • Purified and luminous skin



WHITE CLAY GOMMAGE MASK Purified and luminous skin

Reconstituted NMF and Collagen

This special white clay is made up of an exceptionally soothing and hydrating cream base and a mix of highly absorbent, purifying and opaque mineral powder. It is indispensable for combination skin types but also offers a superior treatment for all skin types freeing them from physiological and environmental impurities and improving the oxygenation of the skin. Reconstituted NMF combined with collagen and seaweed, hydrates, refreshes and brightens your skin.

WHITE CLAY GOMMAGE MASK Purified and luminous skin – USE:

Apply a thick layer on the face and neck before cleansing, avoiding the area around the eyes. Leave for 10 minutes then massage to exfoliate then rinse off. Your skin will be smooth and clear and ready for subsequent skin treatments.

Reconstituted NMF: Water is the fundamental element for youthful, glowing and healthy skin. Skin possesses a special mechanism which allows it to preserve the necessary components: the Natural Moisturising Factor. Reconstituted NMF is an exclusive product which imitates this. An invaluable hydrating mix, made up of numerous elements naturally found in the skin – salt, sugar, amino acids and urea.

Collagen is “Beauty’s protein” which provides structural support and the ability to disperse water into tissues. It determines the firmness, elasticity and compactness of the skin. It is used in the hydrolysed form to combat atonic skin and to prevent wrinkles.


  • Reconstituted NMF
  • hydrolysed collagen
  • condrus chrispus extract
  • ulva lactuca extract
  • mineral powder mix

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