ANTI-AGING FACE CREAM • redensifying and rejuvenating effect



ANTI-AGING FACE CREAM • redensifying and rejuvenating effect


This is an ultra rich regenerating face cream that acts on the skin’s crucial factors. At the heart of the formula are the wheat polysaccharides and peptide biological messengers, both of which are potent activators of natural cell renewal which favours the skin’s anti-aging action against wrinkles, sagging and dryness. Facial features become relaxed and smoothed with a more uniform and radiant complexion. It is enhanced by the integral multifunctional complex (vegetable milk and lotus flower), a valuable source of energy, nourishment, hydration and prevention of skin aging.

ANTI-AGING FACE CREAM redensifying and rejuvenating effect – USE:

Apply to cleansed and dried face and neck, in the morning and in the evening. Its creamy texture and blend provides an ultra-comfortable sensation of immediate well-being.

ORGANIC WHEAT POLYSACCHARIDES are contained in the wheat bran extracted using a patented bio-technological process which obtains plant molecules that possess amazing anti-aging qualities. These molecules’ regenerating and repairing capacity can be witnessed in an instant burst of cell vitality. These precious sugars are capable of giving a positive boost to natural cell regeneration resulting in a firmer, more glowing and more toned skin.


  • organic wheat polysaccarides
  • matrikines & peptides
  • rose milk
  • hyaluronic acid

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