We are a highly experienced team and with commitment and infinite passion we work with the goal of sharing the projects and dreams of our clients.

We operate in this “business” with an Italian pride which, on seeing our products displayed in a Los Angeles, Madrid or Paris window, leads us to exclaim: “We made that!”
We face every new “cosmetic adventure” with our enthusiasm for the challenge.

The quality of our components, our compliance with EU 1223/2009 and non-EU regulations, our controls on the efficacy and safety of the active ingredients, and assistance in the regulatory field (P.I.F. and C.P.N.P.) are mandatory conditions at the outset.

All the rest is creativity, experience and a desire to overcome the difficulties of every new and highly original request.

Every day for over forty years we have formulated the cosmetic products that have contributed to consolidating the success of major companies:

• major international groups
• perfumer trusts
• beauty farms
• pharmaceutical companies
• SPAs
• fitness centres
• cosmetic medicine institutes

Our “smaller” clients are also very dear to us:
• stores that want to produce their own products
• Italian companies that produce food and wine products and that want to “contaminate” the cosmetics sector with their prestigious ingredients that are appreciated across the world